Pool & SPA U.V.



UV disinfection of commercial and domestic pools and spas is a chemical-free method of killing bacteria by shortwave ultraviolet light.

To ensure a safe and pleasant pool environment without using strong disinfection chemicals, ultraviolet water purification destroys organic pollutants instantly as the water passes through the treatment chamber.

The ultraviolet sterilization systems we provide for pools are particularly suitable for users who are sensitive to the usual swimming pool disinfectants, heavy metals from ionic purifiers or allergic to chlorine.
By using the standard UV-C Blue Lagoon, Blue Lagoon or UV-C timer, you can use up to 80% less chlorine in your swimming pool, therfore less irritation for your skin and eyes after swimming.

To enjoy up to 100% chlorine free swimming pool the Blue Lagoon Ionizer was developed, the combination of using a UV lamp and a copper electrolysis ionizer (positively charged metal ions) results in a chlorine-free pool.

In addition the Blue Lagoon ozone and UV-C combination not only kill micro-organisms (fungi, bacteria and viruses) but also destroys cosmetics, urine, perspiration, suntan lotions and oils out off the water.