Dolphin Bio Pool Cleaner

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Dolphin Bio Suction is the first and only automated solution for maintaining both Bio and Natural Pool.

It combines the best proven Dolphin technologies and design with additional features that the address the special challenges of Bio and Natural pools. Unique Triple-active brush action using 2 Bio Brushes and an additional double speed brush efficiently scrubs dirt algae and bacteria even from extremely slippery and uneven pool floors and walls. Adavanced technologies deliver precise scanning built-in gyro smart sensors which identify nearby walls enable to robot to avoid regeneration area  and ensure full coverage in minimal time without interruption.  

Note: a CX18 Vac hose must be added when being used in a natural pool to link a wall vac point. This is to vacum the residue back to the biological filters. 

Features of the Dolphin Bio Pool Cleaner:

  • Easy maintenance 
  • Intelligent software  
  • Cleaning Cycle time of 2.5 hours between floor and walls of pool
  • Automatic shut off at end of each cycle
  • Dual / Combined brushes supplied are suitable for liner, tile and concrete pools. 
  • Top-opening filtration compartments enabling easy and convenient maintenance of the filtration system.
  • 3 options of filtration types
  • Indicator on power supply
  • Remote control unit 
  • Patented cable design to prevent tangling 
  • Suitable for extremely slippery, and uneven floor and walled pools
  • Comes with a 
  • 2 Year Warranty 

Dolphin Bio Pool Cleaner Brochure

2 year warranty